Basketball – Why should we play it? November 20, 2018

Basketball Spring appeared for good, many Poles therefore come back to play sports after a winter break (although of course we should be active all year)-maybe basketball. Why should I bet on basketball? What does it give us? Try!
History of Basketball

Basketball was founded on December 21, 1891, in Springfield, Massachusetts, when a physical education teacher at YMCA James Naismith developed a team game that could be practiced in winter college students in the classroom. Initially, the game was used to play basketball. The rules of the basketball were very simple and were written down by the creator of the sport.

For an hour to burn the game we can even 600 – 700 calories – this is a very good result, so for all those who decided to throw off excess pounds, this is an ideal solution. In addition, our motor coordination will improve and we will involve many groups of muscles to effortlessly. Basketball is also an excellent cardiovascular training, a way to increase flexibility and agility. It is also an ideal way to learn how to collaborate in a team.

It is not true that the game of basketball is a sport dedicated only to high and athletic people, anyone can try their hand to quickly find out about the many advantages of training!

Here are 5 basic benefits of playing basketball:

Coordination of movements
Social Umejetności

The above factors are invaluable in children and adults, they should motivate everyone to leave the house and play, after all, basketball can be played practically everywhere. Everything you need to enjoy playing basketball is a ball and basket, you can play it even yourself

Basketball – Sports for everyone?

Even if you’ve never been a fan of the sport, it’s probably sometime, somewhere you’ve played a bit of basketball. It’s the perfect sport, really, because in basketball you can play anywhere. It is a sports discipline grown by people of all ages, in every part of the world. You can play together, with the whole group, you can even enjoy the perks of basketball playing yourself if you want. Of course, you need a lot of people in teams to play the “official ” basketball. But a basketball activity can be enjoyed on the pitch with a friend as well, it just might be a great way to simply practice your basic motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These aspects make basketball a great sport that you should already know for young children. Do not limit their waiting to try the basketball do not have to wait until they get to the school basketball team. You can encourage them to practise this sport much earlier – let your toddler start learning basketball skills today.

The beauty of basketball lies also in the fact that you do not need to have access to a fancy hall or expensive equipment, as it is often required for many popular sports. All you need to enjoy playing basketball is the ball and hoop. You can install a partial basketball court on your own backyard and even just install the same rim next to your driveway. You do not have the option to install a permanent hoop for basketball? No problem. Bet on portable type. You’ll find it in many different styles and sizes. They are very budget friendly.

Once you’ve got your basketball hoop and fixed surface, you just remain to enjoy the game. You can abandon yourself to the trash, do it with your kids, and even play a game with your friends. Ordinary basketball is so flexible that you can play it in different ways.

Even small children can play basketball, and probably the most will benefit from the skills used in this game. Encourage young children to buy basketball hoops and practice simple skills – they will definitely like the sport. Today’s basketball hoops are so constructed that they grow together with the baby because the hoop can be gradually increased until the child is 100% ready to play basketball with a normal height basket.

One of the biggest advantages of basketball is that this game is really versatile. Throwing skills to the trash can be sanded anywhere, even at home. You can install small basketball hoops on the back of the door-for free practice of hitting the basket at any time!

The basketball game has been around for over 100 years. You can play it practically anywhere, and you can practice almost anyone. So start and you!

Cricket – More than sports November 15, 2018

Cricket Cricket – Team sports discipline, in which two teams of 11 players compete with each other. The first cricket meetings were held at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries in England. It was from this country that the sport came from.

The cricket ground is covered with grass and has a shape similar to an ellipse. The center of the pitch determines a belt with a length of 20.12 metres. At the ends of this line there are goals. A cricket gate is called three wooden posts pocketed the ground. The task of players playing cricket is to throw a ball with a circumference of 224-229 mm
Towards the goal of rivals so that the opponent
With the defending stick (batsman) failed to knock it out.

The rules of this sport

The case with cricket is so, that the rules governing this sport nohow not come to what the average fan is familiar with other team games. To understand these principles you should ask yourself a little more hardship and at the beginning of “clear the mind” from the other team sports. The point is that in each of the other games we have a continuous “exchange of punches”; Continuous returns of shares, which move from one side to another; One time they gain goals/punkty, once others.

In cricket, tasks are defined and designated. Basic is the spiking of balls and throwing them. Those who throw do not earn points; Only those who knock out the balls using special Kiev are won.

In – Let’s call it – the classic cricket variant, bearing the name of the Test matches, is played “to the fallen”. Each team consists of 11 players (hence the same number in football), but at the moment the team that earns points on the pitch represents two players. When one of them commits a mistake, or one the rivals succeed him “Hunt”, the player descends from the pitch and in his place appears next. The game is played until the tenth one is excluded; In fact, you can not earn points. Ends one part of the match and after the necessary break we return to the game, of course, the roles are changing.

Top teams

More than one billion people live in India. For them cricket, almost unknown in Poland, is a national sport, even religion. For this cricket is one of the oldest team games. It was built in England already in the 13th century. The most popular is the UK, in Oceania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and most of all in South Asia, where India and Pakistan are waging fierce buoys. What is it about in this sport?

A match on an oval field has two phases-in one team attacking and scoring points, then he must defend himself. In the middle of the oval is a strip of length over 20 meters. At its ends are set gates, or three wooden bars. On one side is a putter, the other pałkarz. The putter throws a hard ball of Cork so that it knocks over the bars. Pałkarz can not allow this. When the player strikes the ball cudgel, he runs along the belt with his partner-the second batter will become, who stood opposite. Tries to run as many times as possible before the flamethrower team transports the ball into the gates. The number of Przebiegnięć is also the number of points.

If a non-rebound ball leaves the play area, the team automatically receives six points. If you have previously bounced off the ground, the team saves four “eyelets ” to your account. If Pałkarz does not hit the ball and the strąci one of the goal bars, it is eliminated. The game ends, the games all Pałkarze will be eliminated, or the number of overs will be played (six consecutive throws of the same pitcher). In the world championships are played at the distance of 50 overs.

What results fall in cricket? In the final of the championship in 2007, Australia defeated Sri Lanka 281 to 215 runs, meaning points, and the final and so was shortened due to rain.

Volleyball and its effects on health November 10, 2018

Volleyball Volleyball is a sports discipline that has already become almost a national sport in Poland. This can be seen both in volleyball matches, where grandstands are filled almost to full, but also on urban playgrounds, where more and more followers of this form of physical activity are gathered to play alone. The pleasure it gives to this sport is undisputed, but how does it affect our health?

A regular game of volleyball is so not only a pleasure, but a noticeable benefit to health. It has a great impact on the whole movement camera of a man, protecting him from the inflamed joints. For this reason, it is a very effective method for Wysmuklenie and stretching silhouettes. The body is much better presented. Volleyball is a discipline that enhances overall body efficiency, motor coordination and condition. Also, short gaps between points are an asset that allows you to breathe and mobilize the forces before the next. Also, and the amount of endorphins released is not negligible, because that is why we feel the joy of the game. It is also important to mention yet another recommend this discipline, that is, integration with other players, which has a very positive impact on the processes of socjalizacyjne playing.

A huge advantage of retina is also uncomplicated equipment. A small grass, sand or ground pitch, two bars, a net and a ball are all you need to play. Moreover, in almost every city and town, you can find plenty of public playing fields. It is also a form of physical activity that allows for a fairly arbitrary modification of legislation. You can change the height of the grid, the size of the pitch or increase – reduce the number of players in the team or the number of points needed to win in the set. In this way, people with varying degrees of skill can play freely.

Volleyball is a sport that combines pleasant and useful. So it is worth to find a little desire to play volleyball, even for the same relaxation and recreation, which are an inseparable part of it. By the way, of course, improving your health. Especially at a time when it is so popular and there are so many opportunities to cultivate it.

Volleyball is very popular in our country, which is related to the success of the national team. The result is a constant increase in the number of people playing volleyball amateur. They play mainly adults, but it is definitely worth to persuade their children, because the training of kids Volleyball can bring them really much good.

Top 3 Benefits of volleyball game

Motor coordination

At first there are always problems with proper bounce of the ball, but the child quickly learns the proper arrangement of hands, so that the ball went to the other side of the grid. At the same time he acquires liquidity in running, jumping and walking. Volleyball for children proves to be one of the best forms of exercise coordination and movement fluidity.


Although at first glance it seems that volleyball is not too physically demanding, because you do not have to run as much as a football or handball team, it nevertheless very positively affects the physical physical prowess, nicely sculpting muscles and builds the condition Young man.

Learning Interoperability

Regular children’s volleyball training fantastically develops their teamwork skills. This type of sport is created for interaction and the unit itself will not achieve anything. A common goal must be and set a strategy. This certainly helps the child to function in a team and Oducza selfishness.

It’s also worth adding that there are practically no contraindications to start your volleyball adventure. Only children playing instruments should be careful because of the possibility of a finger injury. It is also a sport that gives a lot of satisfaction, and at the same cost relatively inexpensive.

The pros and cons of tennis November 4, 2018

tennisPracticing tennis brings with it both pros, which are extremely valuable for physical and mental health, but also the cons – which in turn can be quite distressing, particularly if one thinks of regular training or professional training.

Tennis remains a very attractive form of sports or recreational activities for many people, not just the enthusiasts or for this discipline. Like every sport, and tennis has both its bright side and the advantages and disadvantages that can be bothersome or burdensome. About what, then? And are you sure tennis is worth training?


Due to the very long list of advantages, which brings the regular practice of sport from an early age, without any shadow of a doubt, we consider that the start of tennis training is very valuable for children at every stage of your the development of. Such activity affects the physical and psychological health, and so on general health.

Psychological factors that enter during sports are later translated into daily life, in the form of greater involvement of children in activities, increase self-esteem, taste of defeat and victory, as well as the desire to to the competition. In physical terms of tennis shapes the silhouette, increases strength and agility, as well as maintains good health and stamina.

That is why the answer to the question of when it is best to start training of tennis, is as far as possible from as a young age, but with the behavior of common sense in a number of trainings and their intensity. It should be noted that a good tennis shop offers equipment designed, inter alia, for seven-or ośmiolatków, and sometimes even younger children. Of course, these benefits also apply to adults, and seniors.

Availability and popularity

The next very big advantages are the availability and popularity of tennis. There are currently on the market many nurseries or tennis Academy that come out with his offer, inter alia, to children or the elderly, by organizing training, competitions or other forms of tennis training.

Tennis shops offering professional equipment which is necessary for the start of training, also now very prosperous. Adapt to the age, experience or skills of customers and are able to provide good equipment that does not pzoostaje no matter when it comes to the enjoyment of the game or grinding your skills.

The defect

Quite large financial outlays and costs of regular training is undoubtedly the disadvantages of tennis. It should be noted that the road to professional practicing this sport at the professional level is very long and often requires many sacrifices, including the largely cash.

Despite this, tennis is undoubtedly worth doing, even if due to mental and physical health benefits that flow from such activity.

Tennis lessons and health benefits

Tennis is a sport that helps strengthen all body. While playing intensively work the muscles of the legs, arms, abdomen and chest. Depending on the intensity of your workout, for an hour you can burn on the Court about 400-700 calories. Regular tennis game has a positive effect on your overall health:

  • reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the heart,
  • reduces the level of sugar in the body and helps prevent diabetes
  • improves health and increases lung capacity,
  • improves coordination, reflexes and overall fitness,
  • increases resistance to infections,
  • helps relieve stress.

Tennis, or white sport

Tennis is a sport unique because in addition to the physical development and motor impairment, enriches also emotionally. This is a sport with long traditions, in which particular emphasis is placed on personal culture and rules of fair play. For many years, tennis was considered to be a sport only for the elite. Currently, a similar line of thinking no longer applies, but the sport still enjoys great popularity among people involved in high positions. An informal business meetings on the Court are not uncommon. So let’s try to play tennis also social reasons, kurtuazyjnych and integration.

Children’s Tennis School: When you want to save your toddler?

Tennis lessons can be started at any time, but the best age for learning this sport is 6-8 years old. The child is already well developed motor skills and will cope with the absorption of the correct game technique. In addition, the natural need for the movement of toddlers at this age will speed up the teaching process and make training a pleasure. If parents dream of their child playing in the future professionally, tennis lessons are worth starting at the age of 4-5 years.

3 simple steps to control your weight loss October 26, 2018

weight lossMany of us readily proceed to weight loss. We choose the Diet, buy the necessary products and… we look forward to the results. However, you should look at slimming a little more broadly and lead a sort of “weight loss diary”. Such a procedure can really help!

We have time “after the New Year”. This is a special period. Many of us are doing some provisions. Unfortunately, only a few years remain until mid-year. Statistics do not lie and are merciless. However, we can help and apply a reliable “motivating control” solution – Diary weight loss. What’s that? It is nothing but a calendar or a notebook, where all the insights about the diet are recorded. We note, therefore, our results, calorie meals, etc. This diary is worth doing well before the diet – write everything that we eat during the day. This will allow for accurate zanalizowanie of our habits and eventual elimination of these baddies.

Firstly: we plan to

Being on a slimming diet we should keep in mind what eat or what food we need to buy for another day of diet. Diary will allow us to plan such things, so we are sure to forget nothing. We can write on the shopping list for the next days of treatment. However, this requires thorough analysis of the diet. Therefore, a perfect complement to diary in this area are diets with ready-made shopping lists.

From a dietary standpoint, diary teaches to be consistent. In addition, studies have shown that individuals who plan a diet in this way are much more involved in diet and thus have a better chance of persevering on it.

Second: We control

Fighting with excess weight requires not only perseverance, but self-control. Only thanks to it you can achieve success. Unfortunately

No one will hiding the sweets before us or poured into the sink of sweetened drinks. We have to do that ourselves. But to do that, we should be aware that something is wrong. Saving everything that we eat can open our eyes. Black and white we will have proof. There is also the second side of the proverbial medal: in diary we should note the indication of weight and circuits. And this at every stage of the diet. Thanks to this we will notice how much longer we disappeared… and it works very motivating.

Third: We analyze

Diary weight loss also allows you to analyze our dietary actions and draw conclusions. With it you can not only analyze your

Eating habits, researching the achieved effects or also carefully controlling what we eat. It also allows you to answer the following questions:

Is there a diet for me?

How did I feel during the treatment?

Am I happy with the effect?

Did I notice changes in my dietary habits from before and after the diet?