• Before and let's stop the after the Kirdford and Wisborough Green proposed drill site.

  • Boxal Bridge an important part of Kirdford's heritage.

  • Narrow bridge leading to drill site.

  • A Badger from the local clan that live just metres from the proposed fracking site.

Against Industrialising the Countryside

We Won!

Eighteen months ago the fight began. The residents of Wisborough Green and Kirdford set up KKWG to protect their villages from Celtique, a company threatening the idyllic villages. Threatening their safety, their health, their water supply and their beautiful dark skies.

Celtique made an initial attempt to get planning permission, but provided insufficient information. The decision date was deferred giving Celtique ample time to provide the necessary facts, but again they didn't and couldn't deliver.

On the 22nd July 2014, history was made. For the first time ever, a Council unanimously refused planning permission for an exploratory drill site on the basis that the site was unsuitable.

With hard work and determination and a 'we will win' attitude, KKWG did it! We did it!! A massive thank you to all those involved and to all those who objected to the application and supported us.

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  • 22 JULY
    Determination Date

    Determination Date for West Sussex County Councils Descision on fracking at the KKWG site

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