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Cricket Cricket – Team sports discipline, in which two teams of 11 players compete with each other. The first cricket meetings were held at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries in England. It was from this country that the sport came from.

The cricket ground is covered with grass and has a shape similar to an ellipse. The center of the pitch determines a belt with a length of 20.12 metres. At the ends of this line there are goals. A cricket gate is called three wooden posts pocketed the ground. The task of players playing cricket is to throw a ball with a circumference of 224-229 mm
Towards the goal of rivals so that the opponent
With the defending stick (batsman) failed to knock it out.

The rules of this sport

The case with cricket is so, that the rules governing this sport nohow not come to what the average fan is familiar with other team games. To understand these principles you should ask yourself a little more hardship and at the beginning of “clear the mind” from the other team sports. The point is that in each of the other games we have a continuous “exchange of punches”; Continuous returns of shares, which move from one side to another; One time they gain goals/punkty, once others.

In cricket, tasks are defined and designated. Basic is the spiking of balls and throwing them. Those who throw do not earn points; Only those who knock out the balls using special Kiev are won.

In – Let’s call it – the classic cricket variant, bearing the name of the Test matches, is played “to the fallen”. Each team consists of 11 players (hence the same number in football), but at the moment the team that earns points on the pitch represents two players. When one of them commits a mistake, or one the rivals succeed him “Hunt”, the player descends from the pitch and in his place appears next. The game is played until the tenth one is excluded; In fact, you can not earn points. Ends one part of the match and after the necessary break we return to the game, of course, the roles are changing.

Top teams

More than one billion people live in India. For them cricket, almost unknown in Poland, is a national sport, even religion. For this cricket is one of the oldest team games. It was built in England already in the 13th century. The most popular is the UK, in Oceania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and most of all in South Asia, where India and Pakistan are waging fierce buoys. What is it about in this sport?

A match on an oval field has two phases-in one team attacking and scoring points, then he must defend himself. In the middle of the oval is a strip of length over 20 meters. At its ends are set gates, or three wooden bars. On one side is a putter, the other pałkarz. The putter throws a hard ball of Cork so that it knocks over the bars. Pałkarz can not allow this. When the player strikes the ball cudgel, he runs along the belt with his partner-the second batter will become, who stood opposite. Tries to run as many times as possible before the flamethrower team transports the ball into the gates. The number of Przebiegnięć is also the number of points.

If a non-rebound ball leaves the play area, the team automatically receives six points. If you have previously bounced off the ground, the team saves four “eyelets ” to your account. If Pałkarz does not hit the ball and the strąci one of the goal bars, it is eliminated. The game ends, the games all Pałkarze will be eliminated, or the number of overs will be played (six consecutive throws of the same pitcher). In the world championships are played at the distance of 50 overs.

What results fall in cricket? In the final of the championship in 2007, Australia defeated Sri Lanka 281 to 215 runs, meaning points, and the final and so was shortened due to rain.

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