Natural Isotonic Drinks

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It is natural that during the holidays we feel a lot more tempting for refreshing products, moisturizers such as juices, cocktails, salads, pig-irons, fruit, ice-cream and cold drinks.

I have for you some sensational news on the other hand: oranges and kiwis that eat winter for health, in fact weaken our resistance, bananas can cause fatigue and difficulty in concentration, while yogurt and skinny curd do not help to lose weight, and Contrary! Where do these ideas come from? For those practicing Chinese medicine it’s new. The eastern approach to health is now close to 5 thousand. Years, but you do not have to reach as deeply as possible to notice how important for our health is to act according to the rhythm of nature that once was quite natural to our ancestors.

Natural Isotonic Drinks

How to prepare holiday meals?

Summer is a transformation of fire, strong Yang. To balance it, we need more yin energy, that is, hydration and cool down. Seasonal vegetables and fruits bred naturally in our climate are the most natural response of nature to the needs of the organism. In summer, proper irrigation is particularly important. It will be suitable for short cooking of light soups (vegetables, creams) or preparation of Chłodników. Baked groats, pasta and potatoes are well-suited, especially with vegetable additives. In addition, if for some reason we cannot eat raw vegetables, it is best to cook them steamed, then they will retain a wealth of nutrients. However, in the summer, much more fruit and vegetables should be eaten raw.

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The fruits should preferably be eaten separately, not in combination with other products, never in a raw form for dessert, because they will weaken the digestion of the main meal and increased improper fermentation in the digestive system. Our body’s grass fruits incredibly fast, best to reach for not before or between meals.

During the summer, let’s use the wealth of fruits of fields and orchards. They should become the basis of our nutrition, because they are a valuable source of extremely nutritious vitamins and minerals.

It is natural that during the holidays we feel a lot more tempting for refreshing products, moisturizers such as juices, cocktails, salads, pig-irons, fruit, ice-cream and cold drinks. Our body tells us what we should eat.

However, in this regard it is necessary to be vigilant, because if we overcool the digestive system, we can feel it in the form of weakened digestion, loose stools, flatulence or colds in late summer or autumn.

People chilled and weakened must plan their summer menu slightly differently. They should eat raw products in negligible quantities, if any. In the digestive problems, it is important to eat soups, also in summer. They can be light and briefly cooked (in the colder seasons while they should be brew longer and take care to make them zawiesiste).

Protein on the table

Dairy in summer tastes best. Kefir, buttermilk or yogurt perfectly cool, provided that we have no complaints about the mucous substrate and we tolerate dairy products well. I personally am not a fan of them and, even in summer season, extremely rare after I do not reach.

It is definitely worth to use the availability of fresh legumes-beans, peas, extremely nutritious tonka and mushrooms. Green vegetables, i.e. Broccoli, lettuce, spinach, kale, will provide an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and chlorophyll. We add oils, seeds, nuts and sprouts to vegetables. Such salads should be the base of the summer kitchen. Do not forget about the abundant obsypywaniu of dishes chopped, fresh green-chives, parsley, coriander and other herbs.

And very important: regardless of the season you have to be alert to your body’s reactions. Each of us is different, and knowing and listening to the real needs of your body is the best recipe for health and happiness. To make this feeling possible, it is often at the beginning to cleanse the body of toxins and microbes that can interfere with correct reactions and send false signals.

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