Ways to properly hydrate your body

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hydrate your bodyThe human body consists of 50 – 70% of water – the value depends on age and gender. Every day you should wypijać from 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids. You can also irrigate the body from the outside using a variety of cosmetics, such as creams or emulsions.

Water in the human body is found in every tissue. It enables many chemical reactions occurring in the body. A man without water is not able to survive for more than 2 – 3 days, while without food can survive even a few weeks. Water scarcity, or dehydration, is very dangerous for your health. It is worth remembering that irrigation is not only the drinking of various types of liquids, but also the use of appropriate cosmetics and food consumption.

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The functions of water in the body

The most important functions of water in the human body include:

  • Transport – Water transports all vital constituents throughout the body, such as: oxygen, hormones, enzymes and nutrients, is responsible for maintaining adequate body temperature,
  • Water participates in many chemical transformations and is an ideal environment for biochemical reactions.
  • Removes unnecessary and harmful metabolic products,
  • Allows nutrient absorption from the digestive system.

Body Irrigation – What is the water demand?

The demand for water depends on a number of factors. The hydration of the organism depends on lifestyle, physical activity, ambient temperature, body weight, air humidity, type of work done, general health, also changes during pregnancy. It is of particular importance that the organism is irrigated in the polar and gastrointestinal problems. Children have a much higher demand for water, because their body consists of up to 70% of water, when adult human content is usually about. 50 – 60%. When it comes to gender, there is a higher need for fluid intake to show men.

There are several methods by which you can use mathematical formulas to calculate individual water requirements. However, they do not include all the important factors mentioned above. It is worth remembering that some generalized standards, age-dependent, have been established.

Irrigation of the organism – domestic ways

How to water effectively and healthily at home? Here are some ideas:

  • Drinking juices from squeezed fruit, and even better vegetables (due to low calorie);
  • Drinking milk, buttermilk, kefir and yoghurts. Due to the high calcium content in these products the water persists in the body;
  • Irrigation of the organism with salt water;
  • Drinking water with lemon – with a large amount of vitamin C the body retains water, the sweating process is slowed down;
  • Drinking water with a homemade juice of Aron or raspberries.

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